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Packages for Individual Travellers

Archipelago Weekend Hideaway – Västergård B&B

Spend two nights on the island of Nagu, the port to the Archipelago trail, at a charming little B&B situated in the countryside village of Gyttja. Take bicycle rides on the small local roads, perhaps visit the seaside village of Kirjainen, or even the main village of Nagu, where you can find many restaurants, shopping huts and the hustle and bustle of the guest harbor in summer time. After a day of outing, relax at Västergård B&B's outdoor jacuzzi and garden sauna and enjoy a warm meal.

2 nights package for two EUR 245/person

Package includes 2 nights in double room and breakfast, 1x dinner, 1x 1 hour jacuzzi, 1x 1hour sauna, bicycle rental for 2 days.

Additional services:

-Boat trip to Pensar island

-Eletric bycicle + EUR 30/person/day

-Canoe or kayak rental + EUR 55/person/day or in tandem kayak + EUR 75/2 persons

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Martha's Village Visit

Martha's Inn

A beautiful garden, a charming B&B, a cute little village right by the sea – come and stay at one of the liveliest villages in the Turku Archipelago!

Martha's Inn offers rustic accommodation with a touch of romance, right in the center of Nagu village. Come and join us for a weekend of relaxation and enjoy the atmosphere of Martha's rosy rooms, country garden and delicious cuisine. Take walks around the village and the popular guest harbor, see the shops and restaurants and perhaps take a longer stroll into one of our marked hiking trails around the area. Take a day trip by ferry to the beautiful and legendary island of Seili, which has an interesting history as a sanitorium; see the historical buildings, local flora and fauna, grazing cattle and visit the wooden museum church. Finish the day with a visit to Martha's unique barnhouse sauna built using logs over 150 years old. With its vault showers and antique wooden sauna interior, bathing is an experience on its own!

2 night accommodation package for 2:

Price in double room, separate beds: EUR 158/person incl. 2 nights at Martha's Inn, 2x buffet breakfast, 2x sauna, 1x salmon soup lunch at Marta's bistro, return tickets to Seili island for 1 visit, tickets to Seili museum church.

Price in double room, double bed: EUR 168/person incl. 2 nights at Martha's Inn, 2x buffet breakfast, 2x sauna shift, 1x salmon soup lunch at Marta's bistro, return tickets to Seili island for 1 visit, tickets to Seili museum church.

Price in single room: EUR 168/person incl. 2 nights at Martha's Inn (single room), 2x buffet breakfast, 2x sauna shift, 1x salmon soup lunch at Marta's bistro, return tickets to Seili island for 1 visit, tickets to Seili museum church.

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Forage, Fish, and Farm - A Finnish Cottage Vacation


A comfortable and atmospheric cottage by the sea, in midst the clean and quiet archipelago wilderness. A sauna to bathe in freely, as much as you choose and a dip in the cool water to begin or finish the day. Combine this tranquil vacation with some activities linked to Finnish traditional rural ways of life. Visit a cattle farm, join a cart ride into the cattle pasture or get to know the everyday life of a local sheep farmer. Try your hand at angling from the dock with our fishing guide and delve into the forest and fill your bucket with some bilberries or lingonberries, safely, with our local guide. Great for families or small groups interested in animals, the outdoors, rural and traditional lifestyle and relaxation. Come and enjoy the best a cottage holiday can offer!

4 persons:

EUR 220/person incl. 1 week in a cottage and choose 3 out of 4 activities:

-Cattle farm visit
-Sheep farm visit
-Guided angling 1 hour
-Guided Berry picking 2 hours

Cottages: Vanhan vaarin rakennus or Kotkanpesä

6 persons:

EUR 240/person incl. 1 week in a cottage and choose 3 out of 4 activities:

-Cattle farm visit
-Sheep farm visit
-Guided angling 1 hour
-Guided Berry picking 2 hours

Cottages: Lokki or Merimetso

Period of availability: August 6 - September 30

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Active Cottage Weekend


A cottage vacation is a Finnish tradition, but if you are new to the concept, perhaps you might appreciate some spice to this old recipe. Active Cottage Weekend includes two nights at a comfortable and well furnished cottage by the sea in Sauvo, Karuna with additional excitement brought by either guided archery and blow pipe shooting, or snowshoeing, if the weather is right. Book this package get the best of what the outdoors can offer, peace and quiet coupled with some outdoor fun!

Price (6 persons) from 125€/person. Book now!


Archipelago Road

Experience something really special: 3 day tour with your own or rental car  in the archipelago of South-Western Finland. Drive from island to island in the famous archipelago area with 20.000 islands,  and you can visit many of them on the same trip. The package includes double room accommodation for 2 nights, breakfasts, maps and route description, tickets for the ferries and entry for the museum church of Seili. Seili is a beautiful island with an interesting history as a sanitorium and asylum.
Price 270 eur/person in a package for 2-4 persons
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We recommend booking well in advance, as July is our busiest season.



Cycling in the archipelago

Have a unique nature experience in the heart of the Turku archipelago! Now taking in bookings June 13-17 and August 8-12, 2016!

During our full-day, guided bicycle trips you will feel your mind truly relax as you concentrate on the quiet allure of the archipelago landscape.

Rejuvenate your mind and body on our best nature trails and vantage points, while getting familiar with local flora and fauna. Perhaps you'll even catch a glimpse of a passing raven or eagle. Visit idyllic little villages and taste authentic archipelago cuisine. By staying over in the archipelago, you'll get a more in-depth view of island life. Experience the motorized version of a bridge: ferry transportation. Ferries make year-round habitation and tourism possible in the archipelago and are not only useful, but an easy and fun way to experience the wonderful scenery and fresh sea air of the archipelago.

Accommodation in one B&B for the duration of the trip, so you won't have to pack and unpack every day. The program for each day has been planned out for you, so you can just enjoy the guidance of our wilderness guide. Our guide will be with you for the entire duration of the trip.

Transportation by bicycle and partly on foot. Distances 30-35 km per day, at a moderate pace. The archipelago offers diverse terrains but there are no large hills (highest climb about 40 m). Come join us on our archipelago adventure!

2 nights, 1 guided full-day trip, 590 €/person
3 nights, 2 guided full-day trips, 745 €/person
4 nights, 3 guided full-day trips, 890 €/person

Price includes accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and guided full-day trips.

Now taking in bookings June 13-17 and August 8-12! Otherwise available June 1-August 8. Book your trip here!

Bicycle rental possible, ordered when making a reservation. Price 22€/day (incl. 7 gear bicycle, helmet, basket or pannier).


Sea and Bicycle

Route: Nauvo-Rymättylä-Naantali-Velkua-Kustavi-Iniö-Korppoo-Nauvo

The Archipelago Trail is a four day circular self guided tour following the Archpelago Ring Road. You will start at noon from the island of Nagu, Nauvo in Finnsih. From Nagu you will take the first ferry through the island of Seili over to Rymättylä.

There are daily bus connections to Nagu/ Nauvo from Turku. Please reserve a extra night if you want to arrive in the previous evening. If you arrive with a car we have parking space available at Västergård.

The route will take you from the island of Nagu to the islands of Rymättylä, Naantali, Velkua, Kustavi, Iniö, Houtskar, Korpo and back to Nagu. The islands are connected by bridges and ferries. The longest ferry rides are about one hour. The total cycling distance is about 140 km. Most of the roads surfaces are paved. The profile of the route varies from fairly flat to rolling hills.

The first accommodation is in Naantali, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Finland.

You will ride through stunning archipelago sceneries. The peace and tranquillity, particulary in the rugged outer islands, is a unique experience. Along the route there are many intresting tourist attractions and services.

The price is from 515,00 €/ person (shared two person room) including route description with map, bike with helmet and bags, required ferry tickets, accommodation with breakfast (4 nights) and dinner last night. Additional price for single room from 120,00 €.

Baggage transport is available on tours starting on Mondays. Please ask for a quotation. Additionally you are always welcome to deposit your excess luggage, for no extra cost at Västergård during your tour.

NEW! We are now able to offer the tour using electrival bikes.

You can start on the self guided tour every day during the sommer period 1.6. - 30.8.2016.
NOTE! We can also arrange the tour, with a slightly modified route during 1.5 - 31.5.

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Connection boat Nagu-Hanka

This short two and a half day circular independent cycle tour starts from Turku. You will be visiting both small towns and the island villages connected by bridges and ferries. The roads are paved and partly there are separate cycle lanes. The route profile is relatively easy, but with some rolloing hills on second day.Day 1.
Individual arrival to Turku. Accommodation in ***hotel in city centre. Explore Turku, the oldest city in Finland in the afternoon. You are welcome to store extra luggage at the hotel during your tour.

Day 2. Turku – Nagu (Nauvo in Finnish), 55 km
The first day of cycling will take you through the small archipelago towns of Kaarina and Pargas before arriving at the island of Nagu by ferry. Pargas offers great opportunitites for a detour if you want to explore castle ruins, museums or even a big open limestone mine. There will also be several idyllic cafées and handicraft shops. Your accomodation at Nagu will be in thev tiny but lively Nagu village or at B&B Västergård, in a converted barn in the country side.

Day 3. Nagu – Naantali, 35 km
After breakfast you will start by boarding, the morning or midday ferry over to Rymättylä. The ferry ride is about one hour. Soon after the ferry you can stop and climb up to the WW2 air surveillance tower for a view over the islands. Before reaching the busy Naantali you will pass Kultaranta, the summer residence of the president of Finland. Your accommodation is in Naantali city centre near the water front. In the evening you have time to explore the cosy wooden houses and restaurants along the shore line.

Day 4. Naantali – Turku, 15 km
The third day is only a short distance back to Turku. Individual departure from Turku, alternatively spend the day and an optional night in Turku.

Archipelago Visit price

Price/ person 350,00 €
Single supplement 90,00 €
Electrical bike supplement 65,00 €
Luggage transport/ person 75,00 €
Extra night in Turku/ person 55,00 €

Extra night in Nagu/ person 65,00 €

The price includs accommodation in shared double room with breakfast (3), bike with helmet and panniers, storage of excess luggage in Turku, required ferry tickets, route guide with map. The optional luggage transport is available on Monday starts. The tour is available for start every day during the season from mid May to the first week in September.

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Pensar Island, Pensar Syd

Route: Nauvo-Lenholm-Granvik-Pensar-Nauvo

The length of the route is about 45 km from Nagu village or 30 km if you start from Västergård. The ferry rides are totally about one hour.

The start is at latest 11:00 in the morning and you will be back around 7 o´clock in the afternoon. Lunch will be served at Pensar Syd restaurant.

Price from 75,00 €/ person including route description, bike with helmet and lunch. The bikes are collected and returned at the tourist information in Nagu village or at Västergård in Gyttja village. The bikes can be delivered to your accommodation in Nagu, Airisto or Sattmark for an extra fee according to a separate agreement.

The tour is self-guided.

The Pensar Trail can be turned into a two day relaxed tour by staying overnight and enjoying sauna and dinner at Pensar Syd. The price is from 170,00 €/ person (min. two persons). You can also stay one additional night at Västergård b&b, 50€/person.

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Restaurant & Cafe Köpmans

A full-day cycle tour that will give you a first taste of Turku Archipelago. The total cycling distance is 32 km and relatively easy. The tour is self-guided and you ride at your own speed.

Catch the morning bus, 9:30 from Turku bus station to the small city of Parainen. Pick up your bike and Route Guide from the local tourist information and you are on your way. After some 10 km stop at charming Sattmark coffee shop for a break. If the weather is warm you may want to take a dip in the sea or take a short walk along the trails in the woods. After your brake continue towards the ferry to the island of Nagu. The ferry runs every 15 minutes and the crossing less than then minutes.

Once on the island of Nagu you continue to the small but lively village. Drop off your bike at restaurant Köpmans in the village center. At restaurant Köpmans you will be served their famous pike burger.

Before the bus back to Turku departures at 16:55 (Saturday 15:55) you will have time for a stroll in the lively marina. You will be back in Turku around 18:10 pm.

Price/ person 95,00 €
Electrical bike supplement 40,00 €

The price includs a bike with helmet and panniers, coffee and salmon sandwitch at Sattmark, a light dinner in Nagu and Route Guide.
The bus fare from Turku to Parainen and Nagu to Turku, totally 18,00 is not included. If you have a car the drive to Parainen from Turku is about 25 km.

The tour is available in May from Friday to Sunday and daily in June to August. On Sundays the minimum group size is four riders.

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Yacht Eugenia

Book online!

The fortress island of Örö has been a part of Finnish military history from the times of Russian tsars.
Until 2015 the island was closed off from the public and only restricted entry was possible. Now the island has
been added to the Archipelago National Park and was openened to travel and tourism. Örö has c. 20 km of different
hiking and nature trails. You can, for example, walk along the "Pitkä ikävä" cobble stone road (trans. long yearning) built by Chinese war prisoners.
The island hosts an array of rare plants and has the largest variety of butterflies in all of Finland, over 1600 different species.
In addition to the historically significant barrack area from Tsar times, the island has bunkers, canons and trenches to explore.

The program includes the trip to the island and back with the Yacht Eugenia and a guided tour on the island. On the way there the sails are set and there is a fish soup lunch. The crew will tell you about traditional sailing and the archipelago and the passangers can take part in the sail setting. During the guided tour the guides tell about the history and nature of the island.

Departure from Kasnäs at 10.00 am and return at 5,30 pm.

Prices 2016: EUR 48/adult incl. soup lunch, pie and coffee, guidance on the island. Children under 12 years old EUR 25.

Depature dates 2016:

    Week 26: Tuesday 28.6. reserve 29.6
    Week 27: Tuesday 5.7 . reserve  6.7
    Week 28 Tuesday 12.7 Wednesday 13.7 Taalintehdas-Örö (9 am - 6 pm)
    Week 29: Tuesday19.7, reserve 20.7.
    Week 30. Tuesday 26.7. Wednesday 27.7 Taalintehdas-Örö (9 am - 6 pm)
    Week 31 Tuesday 2.8
    Week 32 Tuesday 9.8

Inquire for availability  or book directly online.