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The Schooner Linden


Welcome to our new page about the schooner Linden!

The gracious three masted schooner Linden was originally launched in the Åland islands in 1920. It was a freight ship up until the 50's. To keep up the tradition of boat-building and seafaring in the Åland islands it was decided to put Linden to life again, and the new schooner Linden was launched in Mariehamn the 30th of August 1992 and made her maiden voyage the 3rd of July 1993. Linden is made of pine, prepared with tar and linseed-oil. The masts and beams are made of larch from Karelia. In the spring of 2006 half of Linden was bought to Nauvo. The home port today is in Helsinki.

Charter Cruises

We make chartered cruises to the customers liking. Ask for an offer for your group.



The recommended number of passengers is 50. Registered for 75 persons, which includes the crew! The maximum number of customers is therefore 65!
These numbers cannot be breached.

Food and drinks according to order. Sleeping space for 27, the cabins have showers and toilets. Sauna and bar. Dining room for 40.